Insulin Resistance
May 10, 2021
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This information was shred by Drs Bale and Doneen, founders of the Bale and Doneen Method and the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center for maintaining heart and brain health.

Today 1/3 of US adults are diabetic or prediabetic.By 2050 1/2 of US adults will be diabetic or prediabetic!90% of these people are not aware of their condition. An inpidual can be insulin resistant for 15 to 20 years before becoming type two diabetic. Significant micro vascular damage occurs during this time of insulin resistance.

This results in:

  • organ damage
  • neurodegeneration
  • cardiovascular damage
  • cerebral vascular damage (brain)
  • vision loss and much more

This Blog gives information to help curb insulin resistance and prevent Type 2 diabetes using supplements, diet, exercise and sleep modifications, helping to avoid medications and damage to body and health.

Study: Vit D3 (with K2)

Supplemented inpiduals with an insulin average of 13. (Normal insulin should be between 40-60).

Patients took 50,000iu/wk.
With no other intervention, average insulin went from 13 to 36! Cognitive function also improved!

This is a HIGH dose of vitamin D3.Please do not do this without first consulting your physician. Also, it is very important to take D3 with K2 as it helps D3 to be absorbed.

Study: 1000iu Vit D3 w/K2
This is a very LOW dose of D3.
Blood gluclose improved.
Beta cell function of pancreas improved
COC improved. (Measure of Vit D3 absorption)
BMI improved (body mass index)

Study: Gut microbiome/probiotics

1 billion units of the bifido and lacto bacillus. This is an incredibly light dose of probiotic.
Insulin resistance improved
Blood glucose improved
Fasting glucose improved
Also improved gestational diabetes

Study: Curcumin. 90mg 2x/day

This is a potent naturally occurring anti-inflammatory supplement.

Tau and Beta ameloid plaques
(These are linked to dementia)
memory retention

Study: Curcumin and fish oil

Fish oil = Omega 3.
Not only the above benefits, but also improved cholesterol. Esp LDL:HDL
Reasonable Curcumin dosage-
500mg 2x/day.

Study: Sleep apnea recognition and treatment and its effects on insulin resistance.

Sleep apnea causes systemic inflammation which is very damaging to the cardiovascular system and body in general. Treatment began starting at five arrousal episodes per hour. This is considered insignificant in most sleep realms. Most doctors don’t begin to treat sleep apnea until 15 to 30 episodes per hour, which is quite advanced. Treatment was implementation of a CPAP.
Insulin resistance improved
Blood pressure improved
Overall fatigue improved.

Study: Exercise

All exercise yielded improvements in insulin resistance.
High intensity interval training. (HIIT) proved best results. This may not be possible for many people. A combination of resistance training and aerobics also proved to be very effective.
Resistance training uses weight (dumbbells or elastics) for exercise. Builds muscle mass. Also great for maintaining bone density.
Aerobic exercise can be a brisk walk, jogging, biking, treadmill, exercise bike, etc. Anything that raises your pulse and gets your heart pumping is beneficial.
The more frequency, the higher the intensity and the longer the duration the better the results. Start off comfortable and slowly work up. Please also consult with your physician.

What is best? Slow steady progress!

  • A little bit of diet
  • A little bit of exercise
  • A little bit of weight loss
  • Improvements in sleep
  • Mindfulness exercises: meditation, prayer

You will feel better, look better, and be healthier!
Find a program comfortable for you to which you can stay committed.
“ Rome was not built in a day!”

Blessings to you all!