A New Movement in Dentistry Goes Beyond Teeth

A trip to the dentist typically involves fillings, cleanings, and other routine services. But today, progressive dentists are spending more time learning and informing patients how dentistry and overall heath are directly connected.

For example, when patients are experiencing gum disease, their chances of serious health risks (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) dramatically increases. This is known as oral systemic health.

This new approach to dentistry is being recognized worldwide. Patients are benefiting from increased longevity and vitality and rethinking how to choose a dentist who thinks about oral and overall health.

Multiple organizations teach dentists to recognize these harmful mouth issues, including the Kois Center and The Wellness Dentistry Network. Dentists are being encouraged to embrace oral systemic health and to collaborate with medical doctors for better patient health.

Stay tuned for future articles about the mouth-body connection, including how oral inflammation affects overall health and what symptoms to look out for.

To learn more about oral systemic health, visit a Wellness Dentistry Network Member Dentist today. They can be found by visiting http://www.wellnessdentistrynetwork.com/